This is my place.

About Me

I have been working with computers for nearly 30 years now. I was a Solaris administrator for over 15 years but turned my attention to Linux. I am a big proponent of Open Source Software. I adopted Linux in the first few months after its release and have been happy with it ever since. I am always looking for new ways to bring Linux and OSS into any project I work on.

I have worked with minicomputer manufacturers, educational institutions, financial companies, fundraisers and medical offices. I have helped businesses in these various industries set up systems ranging from the original Sperry Univac to Sun Enterprise servers, Linux and BSD servers, Microsoft Windows machines, and Hewlett Packard computers(HPUX).

This breadth of business experience combined with my computing expertise allows me to find the computing solutions that my clients need.

What I Provide

I can provide systems support and custom software for small to mid-size companies. I can also work with you to establish computing procedures and train the appropriate staff. In addition, I can provide back up support when your staff are on vacation or in the event of personnel changes.

My Mission

My mission is to implement technologies that make my clients' businesses simpler.

In so doing, I emphasize three core values: polite and efficient service, rapid return on investment and solutions that work. I use several strategies in order to accomplish this mission. I work with my clients to streamline and aggregate their computer systems and services, and I develop new systems in as straightforward and cost effective a way as possible. I also train my clients on how to utilize their computer systems more productively.

As I work with my clients, they will find that they are better equipped and better prepared to use their computing assets to manage their business instead of spending their time managing their computers.


  • Designed and implemented a satellite news delivery system for a NYC Brokerage
  • Wrote custom Linux to IBM MQ Interface system for online trading environment
  • Built Wifi networks with custom built Linux based access points and portals.
  • Designed and installed a Linux based Email server with a web interface servicing over 2800 users.
  • Designed a Linux Based Internet Kiosk system serving a busy college caffeteria and lounge
  • Wrote a custom print server, which provides integrated print services from a network of serial, parallel, usb and tcp/ip printers.
  • Implemented Linux Terminal Server Project thin client based computing labs.
  • Integrated real time data acquisition hardware and software into LTSP classroom environment
  • Taught Linux System Administration classes to IT professionals
  • And so much more.

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